Managed And Outsourced

We offer a full suite of managed IT services that can cover all the needs of various enterprises today. We can fill in existing IT roles and skills or build up a remote and reliable team from the ground up to increase your company’s IT efficiency and boost uptime management while complying with local and international regulations. With our services, you can freely focus on growing your business.

Managed Infrastructure

Know your options and exact needs with the help of IT professionals. We offer remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure, with a particular focus on service desk operations, data center management, public clouds, applications, network solutions, end-user support, and special IT tools integration. Each comes with flexible engagement and pricing models.

Managed Service Bundles

To narrow down your options based on your needs, Tech Access offers managed service bundles for your day-to-day endpoint device and network security. Our service bundles work for big, medium, and small enterprises, and they ensure that all members of the company can operate seamlessly, collaborate efficiently, and communicate effectively.

System Administration

Whether your current infrastructure works on Mac or Windows operating systems, we offer complete management and optimization services tailored to your needs. For every client, we provide a dedicated Mac or Windows specialist familiar with your environment, including your business applications, operations, and requirements. Our experts will study the ins and outs of your systems to offer dedicated management services.

Patch Management

Tech Access will ensure that your systems are protected, up-to-date, and compliant with the local, national, and international IT regulations. We provide dedicated internal resources to keep all your network systems and endpoint devices safe, so we can anticipate and detect unexpected patching problems that might negatively affect your business operations.

Incident + Problem Management

If you encounter unexpected service interruption, service reduction, or any related incident, you can rely on our problem-solving skills and tools to save your business operations and restore normal business services as soon as possible. Our experts are skilled in internally identifying root causes and controlling errors and problems before they affect your clients and partners.

Data Analytics

Our experts are not just experts in cybersecurity and network technology. Tech Access also believes in the power of data analytics to bring businesses and our clients to greater heights. We don’t just solve problems and offer solutions; we also think of the future. This particular service covers business intelligence to help your business stay in the game by keeping up with trends.

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