Disaster Recovery Planning

When or even before a cyber attack happens, companies need to be quick in calling the right experts who can craft a sound disaster recovery plan. The plan includes a detailed approach describing how the company can go back to its business operations after the incident, so it should be prepared in relation to the specific business continuity plan of the company and during the business impact analysis.

Tech Access’ disaster recovery planning is a step-by-step action plan that can produce immediate results and contain damages. The plan includes checking the inventory of IT systems, hardware, and software, establishing a recovery timeline, creating physical and cloud backups, and assessing physical and financial damages.

Data and Systems Backup Strategy

Hackers, malware authors, and other cybercriminals are all after the company’s sensitive data and system. That’s why cyber attacks happen in the first place—because this information is worth a lot of money; they can destroy the reputation and financial position of the company. Data and systems backup strategy, as expected, is an integral part of a disaster recovery plan.

Our data and systems backup strategy at Tech Access can be used during a disaster recovery plan or before a company launches any new hardware or software technologies. Data loss and corruption due to attacks or involuntary misconfiguration can sometimes happen. We can successfully and strategically back up data and systems during the prevention or recovery stage based on our clients’ timelines.

DR Testing

Disaster recovery planning, of course, goes beyond the actual planning stage. A disaster recovery (DR) test examines the effectiveness of the company’s and its IT experts’ action plans against real-world disasters. It should withstand any external security breach or unprecedented internal disaster.

Tech Access’ DR tests are s designed to prepare companies for any type of IT disaster, such as the following scenarios: external hacking, internal sabotage attack, ransomware, equipment failure, and natural calamities. Our testing services include steps to recover data and systems based on the company’s technology needs after the disaster.

Off-Site Backup Solutions

The storage types and locations of your data and other sensitive information are also detrimental to the company’s overall security. To ensure a successful disaster recovery plan, companies should utilize off-site backup solutions, a series of methods and tools used to secure data to another server in a different location than the primary server.

Tech Access has off-site backup solutions for physical and virtual servers and data stores. We have various resources to protect data, regardless of their storage location and environment. Our solutions provide protection and convenience, allowing companies to safely access the past and current versions of their data from any site.

Data and Application Continuity

Data and application continuity solutions can minimize downtime during a disaster recovery stage. These solutions ensure that a company will still use its data and application and continue its business operations even in an unplanned service disruption.

Tech Access ensures that our clients won’t have to suffer serious financial consequences through our data and application continuity solutions. We plan and conduct application-level recovery across multiple systems and locations. We aim to turn back all business operations to their original state, regardless of the situation. The continuity plan considers the company’s business operations, assets, human resources, and partners.

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