Basic and Advanced Security Audits

You may need a basic or advanced security audit, depending on your business objectives and security vulnerabilities. Both can give you the peace of mind you need, but advanced security audits can extend that peace to your external connections.

Tech Access offers both. Our basic security audits are a one-day audit service for your IT infrastructure. It includes data security, training and awareness, risk management, technical IT security controls, and other related steps. Our advanced security audits, meanwhile, offer an in-depth audit service of your company and IT infrastructure. It involves all the basics and provides an external security review process to assure your clients or partners.

Compliance-Based Audits

Compliance-based audits are required security audits to prove the effectiveness of your adopted systems and make sure that your company adheres to regulatory guidelines. The structure and framework of these audits will depend on your business’s nature, industry, and size. You may need more than one framework for ISO, NIST, SOX, Privacy Shield, and other regulatory bodies.

Tech Access has been providing transparent and comprehensive compliance-based audits for a number of business and industry sectors around the world for years now. And we have been doing this with experienced IT professionals on board. Tech Access can audit against one or a number of global standards and frameworks. We know the requirements and policies of these organizations and external auditors like the back of our hands.

Risk Assessment of IT Systems and Products

If there’s only one system, service, or product with faulty security, you need a specific type of risk assessment for it. The process will aim to unveil security vulnerabilities through remediation. The weakest link should be nipped in the bud. It will also look for other problems that pose significant dangers to the company’s execution of projects and programs.

Tech Access offers in-depth risk assessment of IT systems and products responsible for the company’s day-to-day business operations. Our expertise can prevent data loss, hacking, and regulatory fines—all the consequences of a weak security system.

Professional Summary Report

After the actual audits and assessments, a professional summary report of results and recommendations will help the company identify the next steps needed to address security concerns and improve security walls.

Tech Access finishes all its security audits and assessment with a full report that tells the company everything there is to know about its IT infrastructure—areas with vulnerable security walls, controls to manage security inadequacies, systems that comply or do not comply with industry-specific privacy regulations, employees’ level of knowledge regarding security, and safety and security of endpoint devices. Through our audits, our IT experts carefully look for recommendations and tailored solutions.

Security Patching and Revamping

You need recommendations and solutions that are aligned with the immediate and long-term objectives of the company. Depending on the results of your company’s security audit and assessment, IT experts will recommend patching or revamping your existing security to build a stronger foundation.

Tech Access prioritizes all the identified security risks from every audit or assessment we make. We check all visible and hidden areas. We can patch and revamp your security systems and IT products and services with minimal disruption to your business operations by considering your schedule, staff, and logistics.

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