Wired And Wireless Services

Tech Access offers a wide array of communication infrastructure and standalone services like VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communication, messaging software, mobile voice and data, public and private networks, content delivery network, and other wired and wireless communication services. With the help of reliable third-party vendors and our IT professionals, we can build or improve your communication systems to improve business productivity.

VoIP Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most common communication services today because this technology allows real-time voice calls over the Internet instead of regular wired lines. At Tech Access, we offer speedy integration of reliable VoIP systems on top of a high-speed internet connection to improve communication and business productivity.

Unified Communications

Tech Access also offers integration and optimization of Unified Communications (UC), a set of communication channels covering all mediums—voice, video, real-time message, fax, voice mail, and content transfer. We offer companies with remote or physical business operations under one streamlined platform to improve their internal business communication and collaboration.

Voice And Video Conferences

Voice and video conferencing is today’s most popular medium for group meetings and presentations. This communication mode is being utilized in businesses around the world, especially in remote companies. To support our clients’ team collaboration and communication sessions, we offer products and services that can help conduct seamless voice and video conferences. Some of the features we offer include organizational tools, file sharing, unlimited user accounts, and other remote tools.

Mobile Technologies

Customers, partners, suppliers, and even employees are scattered around the world, so Tech Access offers a more sophisticated way to help businesses keep in touch with the world: mobile communication. We have a full range of fixed, reliable, and high-quality mobile voice services for small, medium, and large businesses. We also support both local and international voice communications with a flexible plan in place.

Fax Managed Services

We remove all complications surrounding fax server implementation and deployment. Our managed fax services expedite the design and implementation of fax-related systems and applications, secure the transmission and reproduction of all sorts of documents by wire or radio wave, improve volume requirements to prevent downtime, and enhance a company’s overall faxing infrastructure management.

Unified Contact Center

If you want to manage your company’s collaboration and communication channels in one single platform, our unified contact center at Tech Access can make that possible. We deliver a personalized contact center that comes with an efficient portal, omnichannel interactions, customer care, and administrative control options. This centralized communication system can build a solid bridge between the company and its employees, customers, and partners.

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