Business Email Compromise Detection Tests

Cybercriminals usually target companies that rely on wire transfers and work with suppliers overseas in business email phishing attacks. Through the years, they have already stolen billions of dollars by tricking company employees into transferring private information or actual money. The attack involves cybercriminals impersonating one of the company’s executives, so some low-ranking employees or admins would be compelled to do the task.

Tech Access offers social engineering services that can simulate a business email compromise attack and test employees’ awareness. We first focus on testing employee awareness regarding related illegal business email practices, such as mandate fraud and distribution fraud. Then, we execute the actual business email phishing attacks to observe employees’ responses.

Phishing-As-A-Service Test

Phishing comes with various signature attacks, so it’s challenging to identify and avoid some of these attacks. They can be email-based campaign attacks with fake attachments or phone call-based attacks with real scenarios and good impersonation tactics. Cybercriminals are not just good hackers; they’re also great actors.

Tech Access offers Phishing-As-A-Service tests as part of its complete social engineering tests. We understand the gravity of these attacks, and we know how to respond. We set up real-world phishing attacks, create authentic landing pages and email templates, select the highly-targeted users, and execute real-time monitoring.

Spear Phishing-As-A-Service Test

Spear phishing is a specific and potent variant of phishing targeted towards a particular individual or group within an organization. These attacks involved well-researched targets—usually administrators—so the criminals know how to manipulate them in exposing the company’s private data or financial information. They execute tailored responses and behavior manipulation tactics.

Tech Access has separate and specific training tests for spear phishing because it requires individual preparedness. We have tailored tests to gauge the probable targets’ susceptibility to reveal private data, financial information, and other confidential information.

Comprehensive Reporting

The results of company-wide phishing tests come with many positive and negative indicators, possible scenarios, and areas of weaknesses. As such, companies and employees need to be provided with comprehensive reporting to understand the overall risk level of the company’s security walls.

Tech Access can entirely go over our clients’ phishing tests to give results and breakdowns that companies and employees can easily understand. We make sure that our clients and security experts speak the same language. Our test reports include campaign results, organizational trends, testing coverage, and total users who dodged the attacks or fell into the traps.

Security Awareness Program

The results of these phishing tests will help the company come up with a good security awareness program that can withstand any individual, group, or organizational phishing attack. The program should include the best practices and strategies to protect confidential information and avoid cyber traps.

Together with its clients, Tech Access builds strong security awareness programs backed by up-to-date software and tools. On top of the tests, we offer education and training for password security, malware detection and removal, safe internet habits, data management and privacy, and social media dangers. We aim to turn all company employees and critical members of a company into an active line of defense against cybercriminals.

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