Endpoint Monitoring (EPM)

Endpoint monitoring involves surveying the company’s security walls and employees. It consists of monitoring regulatory compliance, examining business security compliance reports, and testing existing security practices. By establishing these baselines through data collection, cybersecurity experts can customize the best training approaches, compliance reports, and security practice guidelines.

Tech Access executes endpoint monitoring measures at the start of our security awareness training programs to help us understand our clients and come up with successful results. We first monitor our clients’ endpoint users and devices by identifying vulnerabilities, then we identify the existing cybersecurity knowledge and practices of the company and its employees.

Security Awareness Assets

For the awareness training, companies need the proper assets to unite the workforce and promote information security. Some of the most effective awareness training assets include company-wide announcements, scheduled notifications for training, monthly reflections regarding the practices, and downloadable sheets and checklists.

Tech Access works closely with its clients to provide adequate security awareness assets that can encourage employees to participate in all activities. We help employees realize the importance of these training exercises for their day-to-day business operations and long-term career. We can come up with virtual and physical templates for making announcements, reminders, and checklists.

Security Training Materials

Another vital part of security awareness training is the distribution of materials. Aside from the actual activities, employees also need training materials containing cybersecurity lessons to supplement their knowledge. These training materials can be in the form of downloadable modules, lesson videos, or audio clips. The more interactive the training materials are, the more effective the awareness training will be.

Tech Access provides readily accessible training materials to the employees of our clients. Our training materials are drafted by experts and backed by research to ensure proper information dissemination. Employees can download and consume these materials to participate in training sessions easily and understand the cybersecurity topics well.

Administrator Access to Training and Results

Company executives, security administrators, and other key members of the organization can have administrative access to security awareness training programs and results. This special access can help them monitor the progress of their employees throughout the awareness training.

Tech Access allows security administrators to actively monitor employees through a single platform. They could track and monitor training factors and variables, including training progress, completed lessons or materials, and finished times and dates. Depending on the type of training or lessons being deployed, they can filter specific groups and individuals taking the awareness training program simultaneously.

Program Development

Companies should be aware that learning doesn’t happen overnight. To ensure the effectiveness and duration of a security awareness program, they also need to consider the overall user experience. They need to look at the bigger picture and pay attention to the learning and development of the entire program.

Tech Access doesn’t just release and execute security awareness training programs; we also make sure that each employee progresses through formal, informal, and experiential learning approaches. No one should be left behind to completely eliminate human errors that can compromise security and put the company at risk.

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