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Cyber Security

Cyber criminals are on the increase and security threats are evolving at a rapid pace – Are you fully protected?

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Cyber threats

What you need to know about Cyber Threats & Hacking

Techniques and sophistication of Cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing so it is essential to put the right processes in place to protect any sensitive and confidential information fully. Persistency is something Hackers adhere by. They are ready and willing to repeatedly find new ways and methods through barriers, no matter how much time they invest in doing so. 

Viruses, compromised data, network outages and many other IT malfunctions can have a major effect on our lives. As our dependency on information technology increases, so does the opportunities for misuse. Whether you are a home user, small to medium business or large corporation you are equally at risk to cyber-attacks, and information security should be at the top of your list to eliminate the threat.


Have you considered:

What would happen if you were prevented from accessing your information?

Who would want to access your information and how could they obtain it?

Would the public release of your data be an issue for your business?

How detrimental would the loss of data be for you or your company?

How could someone else benefit from the information you hold?

If the answers to these questions concern you, then you haven’t fully committed to protecting your information.


What can we do for you?

Firstly, we can answer to key questions: How vulnerable are you to cyber-attacks? And how can we help to fix it?

Penetration Testing

Highly sophisticated testing to examine your security vulnerabilities and identify where you are most at risk for unauthorised access. We access and exploit your systems the same way a hacker would to identify weaknesses in your computer, network and applications.

User Awareness Training

Human error is one of the main security threats. We ensure that all users are fully aware of how to identify phishing emails, malware, social engineering and are capable of applying this knowledge during their daily work. 

Endpoint Security / Anti-Virus

The anti-virus software on your computers and servers can be adequately installed and configured, but ensuring the signature files are updated everyday is vital too. We don’t stop there, we check quarantine queues on your endpoints on a daily basis and also protect your data by restricting what each endpoint can and can’t do.

Security Audits

It’s essential to ensure critical information is adequately protected. We check your applications, core systems, IT processes and procedures to make sure they have been configured to, and are working to the highest level of security. We highlight any areas of weakness, advise and recommend procedures for strict controls to be put into place.

Phishing Email Tests

Phishing emails are the preferred and easiest method for hackers to access any system. Hackers are aware of the lack of user training and awareness, therefore once a phishing email has been opened it’s an easy win for them to enter a network. We can scrutinise your network and regulate any malware which may be sitting in the background while applying robust methods to prevent any further data being released. 


Secure Network Design Solutions

Installing anti-virus software on your computers and servers alone never provides the full levels of protection required. Having a single firewall at the boundary of your network is simply insufficient. We aim to maximise security by placing several barriers throughout your network, making it complex for a hacker to moving around freely, if they manage to penetrate it.